I’m so happy.

I didn’t actually realise that I could ever be this happy.

For you, you, I’d leave it all.

I’ve done a lot of thinking these past few days, and I’ve come to a decision.

Next summer, after I graduate, I’m moving to Budapest. I have a job waiting for me here and I intend on taking it. (at Budapest, Hungary)

Been inside the hostel all day because its been pouring down with rain but its cool because everyone is here and chilling watching TV and laughing at people on tinder and chatting. The good life.

Made it to Budapest alive after an eventful, crazy, brilliant 10 hour overnight train full of Spanish guys. Really not complaining. Shattered though.

Its super hot here so I’m sitting in McDonald’s until I can check into my hostel at 2.

posted 1 week ago

I know I’ve fallen in love with a city when you don’t want to leave for BUDAPEST.

Krakow don’t make me leave you tonight.

Mate I’m so fucking hungover that I’ve booked myself into the cheapest hostel possible until my train this evening because I’m a lazy shit and cannot face going out today

I have so many bruises from last night which is fucking ridiculous because I never bruise so I don’t even know what happened

Help me

My blog turned 5 yesterday!

Its kinda crazy that I’ve had one blog for so long especially because I can’t stick to one thing for a period longer than 6 months.

Its crazy how many amazing people I’ve met over that time, whether online or in person. I can also say with 100% that I wouldn’t still be alive if it weren’t for 16 year old me setting up this blog. So cheers for that guys haha.

Anyway, back to traveling for me. Adios!